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About Brent Payton

I have been in love with the art of photography most of my life.

My dad introduced me to photography in the late 80's when he he was training to be a commercial photographer and was acquiring camera and dark room equipment. I can still remember sitting with him in our darkened kitchen and watching as he developed black and white prints. From the first moment I saw an image appearing in the developer bath, I was hooked.

I created mostly black and white images in earlier years because it was more affordable and I didn't have access to a color darkroom. From loading fresh film into reusable cartridges to developing the negatives to printing the actual images, everything was in my hands. It was this loss of control when I no longer had access to a darkroom that put my exploration of photography on hold for several years.

By 2002, the falling price and ever-improving performance of digital cameras combined with my love of technology sparked a renewed interest in photography. Now I have the creative control I used to have in the black and white darkroom but in color and in a flexible, efficient, and crystal-clear digital format.